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11 05 2012

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First day back!

7 05 2012

It’s here!! My maternity leave has finally come to an end!! To say I’m feeling conflicted emotions is an understatement!!

It’s an end to my beautiful pregnancy-maternity honeymoon, and it makes me sad! But I am looking forward to stimulating my brain again, and getting stuck into some challenges.

I’ll come home for lunch today – to see my babies, check on the nanny, and express. But I’ll have to figure out a way to express at work – it’s a small company, with no dedicated room for such activities.
Once I’ve gathered my thoughts, I’ll post again, but for now, a commemoration of the climax of this past phase of my life:





Wish me luck!!

Happy-making pics

30 04 2012

I posted last about Annabelle and I hanging out in the garden. Well just after I posted, Ginger, our boy cat joined us!


It was soft and comfy, you see!


What a gorgeous kitty.

Here’s Precious playing with Dominic in the sun room.


Cutie pie.


And then Dad bought the babies a super awesome play mat!! It is a huge hit!!


And finally. Annabelle has the cutest way of sucking her thumb, to self soothe. Beautiful!!


Such an angel.


This weekend Annabelle was sitting in her bouncy chair, which has a flower that plays music when you pull its little ring-pull. Rob and I left the room for a bit and suddenly heard the song playing. Annabelle had figured out how to get it to play!! Well done sweety pie!!

In the garden, with new toys!

24 04 2012


We were seriously low on baby toys, pointed out to me by our nanny! (thanks Precious), so I marched off to the beeg Toys R Us in Belville. Wow that place is vast!!

I had to tear myself away! So many cute things! But I finally settled on nine jingly, squeaky, crunchy, rattly items.

I’m sitting outside with Annabelle, (nursing atm) while Dominic sleeps inside by Precious), and my girl and I have been getting to know our new fun play things, although I think Annabelle’s more excited about the trees and blue sky.


Hope Dominic wakes soon, so he can join us!

Dominic – ‘Gangsta’ with feet

18 04 2012


Here’s Dominic in his “100% cute” hoodie! His dad said he looked a bit gangsta, or like a jogger, and just needed some earphones and an ipod.

I realised I don’t spend enough time touching, looking at and cuddling my babies’ feet – they’re always hidden in socks, a babygrow, or pants. So while enjoying Dominic’s toesies I grabbed the foot print card that the nurses in the ICU did for us when the twins were about a week old.

Wow those feet have grown!!! Cute!!

Speaking of growing, yesterday we went for our second paediatrician visit, and the doc was most impressed with our progress! Dominic is now 4.16 kgs, and Annabelle is 4.45 kgs!! Awesome!

He advised us regarding Annabelle’s tendancy to suddenly regurgitate while feeding ( try Dr Brown’s bottles, and also anti-regurgitation formula, and watch for signs of heartburn and reflux), and when we told the doc about Dominic’s recent dislike of going to bed, and wide-awakeness in the evenings, he suggested trying rescue remedy. Watch this space for hopeful success stories!
Anyway, we left feeling very proud of ourselves!

Well, thats it from me for now. Night night.

Three months old!!!

16 04 2012

My mum with Annabelle


Dominic propped up in the cot

Today Dominic and Annabelle turn THREE MONTHS OLD! Yikes, that’s a quarter of a year! That’s a whole trimester in pregnancy! And they’ve come such a long way!!

Last week saw us heading to the clinic, cause the babies had been fighting upset tummies for a while, and we wanted them better, pronto! They were given zinc, and electrolites, and are on the mend now!
But the good news was in finding out their weight! Dominic now weighs 3.9kgs, and Annabelle 4.3kgs!!!! Considering they were born at 1.6 and 1.9 kgs, thats pretty good weight gain!!! Yay!!

We’ll find out their length when we go back for their vaccinations soon (not looking forward to that!)

Their progress has been amazing! We’re waiting patiently for those first giggles – since they both crack such amazing warm smiles often during the day! Their breast feeding is wonderful, and they take easily to both the bottle and breast! We’re dressing them in as many outfits as possible, as they’re rapidly outgrowing clothes, left right and centre, and we’d hate to miss seeing them in those cute ensembles! They look too cute in hats with ears on!


Congrats babies!!!! Love you!!

First rains on Easter weekend!

8 04 2012

Happy Easter all.

We’ve been treated to our first winter rains this weekend, so yesterday we all snuggled and hung out at home together.  So lovely!
Friday we had a fabulous day at my sister and her hubbies place. The babies first ‘day visit’ out. My mum joined us, and the babies got to chill and be loved by the whole family.


Easter treats for the babies from their awesome aunt and uncle!

I have to add that Mum and Dad will dutifully eat the twins chocolates for them, since they’r not on solids yet.

Today we’re off to Rob’s folks’ house for a visit there. We’ll take the camper cot for the babies to sleep in, cause their dogs are a bit boisterous and might climb all over them if we put them on a bed to sleep.
Anyway, here don’t Annabelle and Rob look precious, cuddling this morning?


And here’s our little man wriggling in the cot:



And look how cold it is! Ginger is all rolled up to conserve heat!


Have a lovely day!